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Your Guide to the Self-Help Kit:

This is the first step in trying to resolve your dispute for outstanding wages. The Kit provides you with information on basic employee/employer rights and responsibilities in the workplace.

You have six months to file a complaint from the time the problem took place or your employment ended. If you are within 30 days of the end of the six-month period you should file your complaint with the Employment Standards Branch and THEN use the Self-Help Kit to try and resolve your problem.

In certain situations the Director of Employment Standards will accept a complaint without the employee having first used the Kit to resolve workplace issues. You are not required to use the Self-Help Kit if:
• You are under the age of 19;
• Your complaint is related to a leave provision of the Act (pregnancy leave, parental leave, family responsibility leave, bereavement leave, reservists’ leave, or jury duty);
• The business has closed or the landlord or bailiff has locked the doors; or you are concerned that assets may be removed;
• You are a farm worker, textile or garment worker, or domestic;
• You have significant language or comprehension difficulties; or
• You provide a letter that you have already sent to the employer identifying the issue or dispute under the Act and requesting a resolution.

For more information about the Employment Standards Self-help Kit or exceptions to the kit: Ask to speak to an ESB agent by calling the Employment Standards Branch Information Line at: 1-800 663-3316 (toll-free in B.C.), Monday to Friday 8:30am to 4:30pm.

If you believe that one of the above circumstances applies to you, fill out a Complaint and Information Form and mail, hand deliver, or email it to an office of the Employment Standards Branch. Complaint forms are available at your local ESB office and online at the ESB website.

~  Download the Self-Help Kit (Complaint and Information Form) here.

NOTE:  Your local community-based legal advocate may provide you with free and confidential help at downloading, printing, and filling out a Complaint and Information Form.

This page was last updated: August 3rd., 2016