Public Legal Information Resources for TFWs by Government Agencies

This section offers links to public legal education & information (PLEI) resources and tools necessary to help migrant workers access and/or navigate the legal system of British Columbia and Canada.
Below is a list of links to tools and resources created by government agencies (either federal, provincial or municipal) to inform prospective and current employers of migrant workers, as well as migrant workers themselves, about legal rights and responsibilities for all those participating in Canada’s Temporary Foreign Worker Program (TFWP).
Be sure to also review the PLEI tools and resources created by community-based, non-profits, and labour unions interested in the rights of migrant workers.
We recommend you supplement PLEI tools and resources with the awareness-raising and action-oriented tools created by community-based, non-profits, and labour unions. Also be sure to consult with a Public Legal Advocate if you have questions or concerns or if you need free and professional help with your legal issues.
Links to PLEI resources and tools by Federal Government and/or Government of British Columbia:
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