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Important information about this site:

The content of this website does not constitute legal advice. The information found in this website is not a replacement for the professional legal advice and service only a practicing lawyer, registered with the Canadian Bar Association and the Law Society of British Columbia can offer. 


REDLegal is a volunteer collective of community-based popular educators, legal advocates, human rights practitioners. We are not practicing lawyers and do not offer legal advice.  We do not offer legal advice in any form, shape or format.

If you need legal advice or have legal problems, you should consult with a lawyer or attorney (practicing lawyer). In some cases, if your legal problem is related to migration, you may need to consult a practicing lawyer specializing at immigration law, or an immigration consultant fully licensed by Immigration Consultants of Canada Regulatory Council (ICCRC).

Take note that the services of a practicing lawyer and/or registered immigration consultant are usually private and, therefore, not free.  Before contracting the services of a lawyer or immigration consultant with a private firm, consider speaking to a Legal Advocate employed at a community-based legal clinic or public legal aid organization.  As a low-waged, low-income worker, temporary foreign workers may qualify to access the services of legal advocates or lawyers employed at a community-based legal clinic.

This website offers basic public legal information about the laws and the legal system in British Columbia and Canada.

This website is addressed to people who work in British Columbia under one of Canada’s Temporary Foreign Worker Programs (TFWPs) for low-waged occupations.

Other potential users of this site are human rights practitioners or activists, and community-based advocates interested at helping migrant workers know their legal rights and navigate the legal system in Canada.

If you are a migrant workers and are experiencing legal issues in Canada, please note it is your responsibility to document your legal issue the best you can. You will need to provide that documentation and truthful information about your legal issue to your lawyer or legal advocate.  A practicing lawyer and/or trained legal advocate should be able to help you in a confidential and professional manner.

We hope you can use the information and website links in this site to help you manage or resolve your legal issues.