Free classes and workshops

English Language Skills:


Legal Rights of Migrant Workers:

  • Workshops series for Filipino Temporary Foreign Workers and Caregivers – By Migrante BC. Location. Office of Mable Elmore, MLA. Vancouver, BC

Subjects covered:

      • Employment Standards Branch (in collaboration with Red Legal)
      • Citizenship and Immigration Canada (in collaboration with Tim Bailey, Immigration Lawyer)
      • Health and Safety (in collaboration with BC Federation of Labour, office of Health & Occupational Safety)
      • Housing (in collaboration with BC Tenants’ Rights Coalition, TRAC)
      • Family Law
      • Financial Planning

These workshops usually Sundays, March-April every year.  For more information or to register your attendance, contact Migrante BC, Juliet Tel 604.345.1411 or Nancy Tel 604.347.6882