Rising Up Against Illegal Recruitment Campaign

West Coast Domestic Workers’ Association (WCDWA) is the host of a Working Group concerned with the issue of illegal recruitment of low-waged temporary foreign workers in British Columbia.

The Working Group has produced a report of its outreach activities to the community of caregivers and their allies.  These activities generated valuable information which will form a framework the Working Group may use to inform a campaign to raise awareness and inform collaborative advocacy around new, community-driven strategies to combat illegal recruitment.

Some Recommendations from Migrant Workers:

  1. Migrant worker participants repeatedly stated that they themselves must be involved with the
    organizations that work with them in order to effectively bring their perspectives to the table on what
    types of services should to be provided and how they ought to be made available.
  2. Develop and implement an educational campaign in sending countries on legal and illegal
    recruitment practices, including the charging of fees, to address the information gap that
    currently lures workers into exploitative recruitment agreements.
  3. Mandate employers to attend educational seminars training them on their rights and
    responsibilities as employers and the legal consequences of abuse.
  4. Establish regional offices for independent organizations that work together with migrant
    workers to provide immigration and legal assistance. These organizations must be accessible
    by all migrant workers (for instance, work outside regular office hours including evenings and
    weekends and be located close to where migrant workers live and work) and employees
    should regularly visit migrant workers in their homes and workplaces.


Community partners of the Outreach Project include the Bayanihan Community Centre in Victoria, Radical Action with Migrants in Agriculture (“RAMA”) in Kelowna and Migrant Workers Dignity Association (“MWDA”) and Migrante BC in the Lower Mainland.

Funding for the Outreach Project on Illegal Recruitment was provided by the Freedonia Foundation.

The Document “Reporting Back on Phase One ‘Rising Up Against Illegal Recruitment Project'” was released by WCDWA on
December 3rds., 2015.  To offer your feedback  or to ask for  more information about the project/campaign against illegal recruitment, contact WCDWA  Telephone: 604.669.4483 or email:  info@wcdwa.ca