Welcome to the website of Red Legal!

(Red is the Spanish word for “network”)

This website is a portal, or clearinghouse, of Public Legal Education and Information (PLEI) resources and information for those who are working with and for the migrant workers in the Province of British Columbia, Canada.


Research and Analysis on

Public Legal Education &

Development of PLEI resources and tools on Migrant Workers Rights in British Columbia.


RED Legal is an all-volunteer, non-for-profit network of legal educators, legal advocates, legal interpreters, instructional designers and other professionals for the promotion and protection of the rights of migrant workers in British Columbia, Canada.

Our approach is evidence-based: “education is empowerment”.

We contribute our capabilities and expertise to help migrant workers and the people who work with-and-for migrant workers. However, migrant workers are the true educators in our lives. Migrant workers, with their resilience and courageous struggles, have taught us and continue teaching us about justice, equality, fairness, and peace.


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